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EPA well testing in Dimock finds No Contamination

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In an article appearing this morning, it was reported that EPA’s first round of samples failed to identify any contamination in 11 residential wells in Dimock.   Why am I not shocked by that?  Probably because I actually believe PADEP and Cabot when they say that they’ve analyzed prior sampling and it showed that the well water was not contaminated by nearby drilling.   Here’s a question for you.  If the remainder of the sampling being done by EPA also comes back showing no contamination, will the federal government then see the light and realize that PADEP is perfectly capable of protecting the citizens of the Commonwealth?   I’ve worked with both agencies and I think I can say that the chemists, geologists, biologists, engineers and other scientists working at PADEP are just as diligent and professional as the ones working at EPA.   Many of those PADEP staffers have put in just as many hours, days and years working for the public good, at an agency whose mission elevates protecting human health and the environment above all else.   So why are there still people who look to EPA for a second opinion in instances like Dimock?  What happens when that second opinion comes back and it proves that PADEP was right?  I can tell you  it wouldn’t be the first time that happened.  I’m wondering when we will get to the point when  EPA stops offering second opinions and flat out tells people that they can rely on PADEP.