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Feedback on New Jersey Attempt to Ban Marcellus Waste

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In my last posting, I raised some questions about whether it would be legitimate for Pennsylvania lawmakers to reciprocate if New Jersey proceeds to ban Marcellus wastewater or drill cuttings from entering the Garden State.   In addition to the examples I provided, one of our readers pointed out an even more obvious question raised by NJ trying to ban the importation of Marcellus Waste.  Specifically, the question raised was "How about PA gas not being allowed to be sent to NJ or PA Power derived from gas in PA not being able to be wheeled into NJ?"   It kind of makes sense to me.  If one of PA’s neighbors is unwilling to allow waste into the state that is generated by the production of natural gas in PA, then why should that state’s residents be allowed to derive any economic benefits from the production of that gas, either in the form of lower gas or electricity prices or a more abundant supply of natural gas?  Would the General Assembly of that neighboring state be willing to stipulate that it won’t accept any gas generated in PA as well?  Maybe that is some additional food for thought.  My thanks to Steve for raising the issue.