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Updating my November 28, 2012 post, the Department is in the process of finalizing updated guidance for its policy covering public participation in the permit review process. The existing policy, Document ID 012-0900-003 (PDF copy here), was last updated in July 2005. At the February 5, 2013 meeting of the Environmental Justice Advisory Board, staff from the Department’s Policy Office briefed the members of the EJAB and other attendees on the upcoming revised guidance, which the Department expects will be published for public comment around the end of February 2013. Some highlights of the presentation:

  • The update will remove outdated references, such as to the old Money-Back Guarantee Program, and will clarify policies in an effort to achieve consistency across the regional offices.
  • The update will emphasize the actual elements of public participation as opposed to internal Department procedures supporting public participation.
  • Other goals include:
    • improving efficiency in the permitting process while honoring the requirements of public participation;
    • clarifying the types of public participation available for particular actions;
    • clarifying DEP’s role at public information meetings and public hearings;
    • clarifying when it is appropriate to schedule a hearing or other applicable public participation meeting;
    • establishing standards for conduct at public informational meetings and public hearings (addressing such things as time management; fairness issues; use of demonstrative exhibits, props and signs; disruptive behavior; and public safety issues);
    • to the extent possible, harmonizing the elements of and requirements for public participation across the relevant environmental statutes.

Note that the updated guidance expected at the end of the month will address only the public participation policy that is applicable to Department permits or plan approvals with a public comment process (the policy does not apply to Notices of Intent for coverage under general permits or to permits by rule). An update to the separate Enhanced Public Participation Policy for Environmental Justice (EJ) communities (PDF copy here) is still several months away from being ready for public comment. I’ll update the blog as each of the updated policies are released for comment, and I encourage those of you who interact with the Department on permits to submit your input on the policies as proposed.

Finally, in another follow-up to my November 28, 2012 post, the EJAB members were also advised at our February meeting that the Department’s eMap PA online map application has been updated with 2010 Census data. The new data resulted in the designation of 185 additional census tracts in the Commonwealth as EJ Areas. If you have a project proposed in an area that might fall within the eligibility criteria for an EJ Area, I encourage you to check eMap PA and to review the existing EJ Public Participation Policy.