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PADEP Wants to Hear From Permit Applicants on Implementation of New Permitting Policies

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As the first anniversary of the Pennsylvania DEP’s Permit Review Process and Permit Decision Guarantee approaches, the Department has opened up a supplementary comment period to take public comment on implementation of the two policies.  We discussed the policies last year, here, here, and here.   According to the Department’s most recent quarterly report (link opens PDF),… Continue Reading

PADEP Extends Comment Deadline For New Public Participation Policy Guidance

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For those following our coverage of PADEP’s revised Policy on Public Participation in the Permit Review Process, the deadline for public comment has been extended until August 27, 2013. Since our last update, the draft policy (PDF) has benefited from internal reviews and input from the Citizens Advisory Council and the Environmental Justice Advisory Board, as… Continue Reading

PADEP’s Permit Review Process Public Participation Policy … It’s Back?

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Following up on my posts of February 7, 2013 and November 28, 2012, the agenda for next week’s meeting of the Pennsylvania DEP’s Environmental Justice Advisory Board includes a scheduled discussion of the status of the Department’s draft Permit Review Process Public Participation Policy.  After I return from the meeting next week, I’ll provide an… Continue Reading


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Updating my November 28, 2012 post, the Department is in the process of finalizing updated guidance for its policy covering public participation in the permit review process. The existing policy, Document ID 012-0900-003 (PDF copy here), was last updated in July 2005. At the February 5, 2013 meeting of the Environmental Justice Advisory Board, staff from the Department’s… Continue Reading

PADEP’s New Permit Decision Guarantee Offers Opportunities Among Challenges

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On November 3, 2012, PADEP published notice of final new guidance for its revamped Permit Decision Guarantee Policy, which restructures the environmental permitting process. Last week, Joel highlighted the way the new Permit Decision Guarantee Policy interacts with the Pennsylvania Natural Diversity Inventory review; this week, I’m going to discuss how the Permit Decision Guarantee Policy interacts with the… Continue Reading